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Portland, Oregon

OMFGCO, or The Official Manufacturing Company, is a multi-disciplinary design studio located in Portland, Oregon. The collective is made up of two Pacific Northwesterners and a Texan: Mathew Foster, Fritz Mesenbrink, and Jeremy Pelley. In years past the three worked separately for “Wieden+Kennedy, Ace Hotel and a handful of other fantastic places” so they “now know exactly what [they’re] doing.”

The Official Manufacturing Company wasn’t always official. Foster, Mesenbrink, and Pelley started out working on freelance projects together. As time passed they came to share a studio space. That went so well that the next step, forming an official business, was a natural progression. After deciding on their name, The Official Manufacturing Company, the trio ran into a problem securing a url. For starters, officialmanufacturingcompany.com is a really long url. The team slowly chopped the url down until they were left with OMFGCO.com. They swear this was a happy accident; one they have admittedly embraced.

The OMFGCO team has gone on to work for some top tier clients, including Gap, Google, the Portland Timbers, and Olympic Provisions, among others. As a multi-disciplinary studio the OMFGCO team can handle pretty much anything that comes their way. OMFGCO is particularly adept at creating brands, identities, signage, and printed collateral. The trio have expressed a similarity in their styles and taste. This manifests itself in a cohesive body of work that demonstrates how modern design can draw reference from the entire history of design, and make every nod to the past relevant to today’s viewer.

You can find more of OMFGCO’s work online at omfgco.com. Additionally, the studio can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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