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Olly Moss

London, England

It’s been quite some time since we brought you a “this date in history” fact, but we are bringing it back…for today, at the very least.  These events are particularly enlightening in instances where the events can bring  perspective and relevance in the field of design or an artists’ life, and today’s Featured Face is such an instance.  1987 brought about many things: the advent of of Photoshop as conceptualized by the Knolls, Tinker Hatfield’s Air Max concept, and the birth  year of today’s Featured Face: Mr. Olly Moss.  1987 has yet to achieve Orwellian fame but these three things, suffice it to say, are fine in our book.

According to the New York Times, Olly is a Poster Boy Wonder…to us Moss is an illustrator from London with an impressive graphic design portfolio, not to discredit his apt designation by the Times.  It’s no secret that Moss’ work is on a higher level — his client list includes Sony, Lucasfilm, Nike, Apple, Paramount, CBS, Penguin Books, Threadless, Urban Outfitters, Levi’s, the New York Times, and Time Magazine — but even more impressive is his relative youth within the design profession.  Ballista is a young company (our editors are only a couple years older than Olly), so we appreciate the dedication, perseverance, and talent necessary to make a name for yourself so early.

Olly has a penchant for cinema classics — some of our favorite work includes his graphic re-imagination(s) of the original Star Wars trilogy posters.  I still deny the production of the newer Star Wars movies, so his amazing posters serve as an homage to Lucas’ legacy prior to the CG-ravaged “other” movies.  As you can tell, this feature is turning into a rant, so we’ll stop…just visit Olly’s websiteTwitter, and blog to stay abreast of Mr. Moss’ work!  With that, Ballista will be taking a break for the holiday — happy holidays, all!

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