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OhNo!Doom Collective

Chicago, Illinois


Comprised of the collective wunderkind of Andrew Thompson, Joseph Call, Oscar Alatorre, Jordan Owen, Lana Crooks and Max Bare, the OhNo!Doom Collective likens themselves to a “Wu-Tang Clan for illustrators and designers“.  That self-designation alone is worthy of respect, but their body of work is worthy of even greater respect.  The Collective has an outstanding portfolio comprised of illustrations, print marketing, product design, and fine art.  Their work has a distinctly urban feel while retaining a technical sophistication in a variety of mediums; the Collective truly is a sum of its parts and each artist appears to bring a new dimension to ON!D’s fantastic identity.

Similar to their competitors from just down the road (Rotofugi), ON!D has also established themselves among the leaders in designer toy production and apparel.  The Collective’s FluffyBadBad and FluffyYukYuk plush toys have been awarded by a variety of organizations in the design industry, including the top prize in Ballista Magazine’s “furry, fuzzy, fluffy lil’ fella” competition (*don’t look that up, it’s not real*).  While it is unclear as to what direction the collective will take in the future, we at Ballista Magazine strongly feel that it will be upward — at a frenetic pace.

In addition to their own outstanding design, ON!D also pays it forward by showcasing other top designers as part of their gallery series.  The galleries feature a vastly diverse array of artists and mediums (locals or otherwise) and are cycled through on a near-monthly basis.  Currently, the ON!D gallery is featuring Painted Ladies, a “group exhibit that celebrates the art of the female form”; not only that, portions of the event proceeds will be donated towards the Avon Breast Cancer Walk.  Following the Painted Ladies show, ON!D will feature Alberto Cerriteño (beginning July 17, 2010).  While we at Ballista have personally never attended an event at the ON!D gallery, we will most definitely be in attendance for this gallery opening.  We encourage you to join and us and please feel free to visit their website for information regarding the Collective’s upcoming events.

Don’t assume their website is all business, though — the website has plenty of additional information (swag shop, downloads, press, etc.) to pique your interest during your down time this evening!  In addition to their top-notch site, OhNo!Doom also has prime real estate in the social realms of Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.  To join the likes of Alberto Cerriteño as a featured artist in the ON!D gallery, make sure to send your artwork to submissions@ohnodoom.com.  That is, if you think you have what it takes…

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