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NoPattern Studio

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Despite being relatively obscure in the geographics of the national and international design landscapes, the city of Grand Rapids has a surprisingly strong cultural heritage and is home to FIVE of the world’s leading office furniture companies including Herman Miller (and is aptly nicknamed the “Furniture City”).  Furthering this western Michigan city’s commitment to design is today’s Featured Firm, NoPattern Studio!

NoPattern was established in 2003 by design guru Chuck Anderson just one year after graduating from high school…we’ll pause to let that sit in…one year after HIGH SCHOOL!  Ballista Magazine has featured a bevy of young entrepreneurs that have excelled on a freelance and/or independent stage, but Mr. Anderson just might take the cake for his entrepreneurial successes in the workplace.  Since establishing NoPattern eight years ago, NoPattern has compiled an impressive client list that includes industry mainstays such as Microsoft, Nike, Warner Bros., Reebok, Burton, and Target.

One glance at NoPattern’s portfolio and its easy to decipher the code of their amazing success — the firm does absolutely exceptional work!  The studio’s use of color and lighting effects instill motion in each of its stills without going overboard.  In a design world over saturated with superfluous after-effects, NoPattern utilizes nearly-psychedelic imagery to pitch their products.  And don’t be fooled: the acclaim is far from limited to our small coalition — his work has been widely recognized in the design industry, most notably captured with his recognition as a Design Icon by Computer Arts Magazine in November 2010.

We at Ballista Magazine STRONGLY recommend a visit to NoPattern’s website to see more of the studio and its founder’s work.  NoPattern (and Chuck, for that matter) can also be found on a plethora of social media outlets, including FacebookTumblrFlickr, and on Twitter @nopattern.  Check it out!

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