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Nikki Rosato

Medford, Massachusetts

Nikki Rosato is an incredibly talented graduate student studying the Fine Arts at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.  Prior to her academic career at Tufts, Nikki received a Bachelors’ Degree from the University of Pittsburgh after studying in the fine arts, art history, and architecture.  While Nikki has a diverse portfolio of work including etching, illustration, installation, and painting, she is best known for her work with an odd medium: discarded road maps.

According to the artist, the process behind these ultra-detailed paper portraits “removes the figure’s identity, and what remains is a delicate skin-like structure. Through this process, specific individuals become ambiguous and hauntingly ghost-like, similar to the memories they represent.”  After stumbling into the medium almost by chance, Nikki discovered the nearly limitless metaphorical and conceptual potential the maps afforded: connections, relationships, distance…the list goes on.  In addition to the limitless potential, there is also a nearly limitless SUPPLY of the medium — with the development of GPS technology and smart phones, paper road maps are antiquate remnants of years past and are excellent candidates for repurpose as fine art.

Ms. Rosato’s work has been the recipient of multiple awards, including a 2008 A.J. Schneider Award, a 2008 grant from the Office of Experiential Learning, and a second place national award for her full-page ad from College Newspaper Business and Advertising Managers, Inc.  In addition to Nikki’s personal website, her cut map portraiture work is also available for purchase on Etsy!  For collectors looking for those one-of-a-kind pieces, look no further!

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