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Nick Brue

Minneapolis, MN

Hailing from the City of the Lakes (Minneapolis, MN), Nick Brue is a graphic designer and illustrator with a diverse portfolio of work. Minneapolis has experienced a recent upsurge in local design talent, and Nick undoubtedly walks among the elite of this esteemed crowd.  In addition to his studio work at OLSONLarsen, and Westwerk Design, Nick has a fantastic portfolio of freelance work that ranges from wedding invitations to product packaging to websites.

For those of our audience that know us here at Ballista, it should come as no surprise that we are quite fond of the god nectar, beer.  Give us a beer and you’ve got a friend — give us a beer with inspired branding and packaging, you’ve got yourself a Feature!  Nick’s work for Rush River Brewing Company strikes a balance between nostalgic and modern elements, resulting in a unique and legible brand with excellent color use throughout its product line.  We are also impressed by his wedding invitations/save-the-dates, which present traditional marital information in a novel and beautiful way.  Nick understands his clients (corporate, personal, or otherwise) and delivers thoughtful and unique collateral that speaks directly to their needs and wants.

For more of Mr. Brue’s work, Ballista Magazine would encourage you to check out his personal website on CargoCollective, his Dribblepage, or his Twitter feed.  As you may or may not be able to discern, Ballista is in the midst of a complete but necessary web overhaul but wanted to keep the features flowing…we appreciate your patience!

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