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Neil Kellerhouse

Los Angeles, California

There’s a strong possibility that Neil Kellerhouse’s contact info is in every noteworthy Rolodex in Hollywood, but we’re guessing this is the first time you have heard his name. If you saw Finding Nemo (2003), he designed the logo for that film. He also designed the logos for Up (2009) and Dr. Suess’ The Lorax (2012). Additionally, Neil designed the posters for The Social Network (2010) and The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo (2011), among many others.

As we understand it, the challenge to designing a movie poster is overcoming the vernacular Hollywood uses to market their films. The industry relies on a set of conventions, like an explosion or a group of floating heads, to let the movie-going public know what they are going to see. (An action film and buddy comedy, respectively.) Neil Kellerhouse challenges these conventions, and in doing so makes posters that are iconic, rather than rudimentary.

His posters rely on the content of the film for creative direction. If the film is based on an original story he has a lot more to work with, in comparison to a story that may already be in the cultural zeitgeist, but Neil’s goal is always to ferret out what makes each new film original; what sets it apart.

On the flip side is Neil’s long time collaboration with The Criterion Collection, an ongoing series of important classic and contemporary films. The films Criterion releases have often received decades of praise and critical analysis. In this context, Neil’s role a designer is more curatorial, with the added benefit of perfect hindsight. There’s still plenty of room for creative exploration, which you can see in Neil’s imaginative box cover art and packaging for Criterion.

Above all else, Neil’s work is visually stunning. As cinephiles and designers we look forward to his next project. You can see what he has accomplished to date at

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