Tattoo Pattern

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Neil J Rook

London, United Kingdom

Neil J Rook is an illustrator with an eye for whimsically representing the world around us, in an orderly fashion. Neil is a freelance illustrator and designer from London who has developed a bit of a cult following for his illustrated patterns. AOL, Tesco Magazine, Grooveshark, and Sainsburys have all tapped Neil to produce patterned work for them.

How did Neil obtain his current position as pattern master? He studied surfaces textiles at the the London College of Fashion. Neil graduated in 2009, and he has since applied his knowledge of repeating patterns to fabrics, user interfaces, and print-based projects.

Neil’s patterns are characterized by an unparalleled attention to detail, and an acute understanding for what makes a particular motif or aspect of modern life unique. Neil has an uncanny ability to identify the core elements need to drive home a concept. Take a look at the examples presented here, and furthermore on his website. You’ll see what we mean.

Neil J Rook is represented by Lemonade Illustration in the UK. He can also be found on Twitter and Dribbble.

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