Nate Trapnell - Bury Me in my High Tops

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Nate Trapnell

Melbourne, Australia

It’s no secret that we at Ballista Magazine enjoy the fast life…and while our co-founders drive sensible sedans whose speedometers rarely break 75mph, we can all appreciate the rush of pure, unadulterated adrenaline that accompanies the fast life.  Some of you may be asking: where are we going with these speed references?  Well…here you go — December 8th marks the 32nd anniversary of the current world water speed record, where Australian daredevil Ken Warby clocked in at a whopping 317mph in 1978!  This 32 year stand may seem a little dated, especially with all of these technological advancements in watercraft engineering; however, with an approximate fatality rate of 85% (no joke!), the water speed record is one of the most elusive and dangerous awards in sporting history.  Accordingly, today’s Featured Face comes to you straight from the Land Down Under — an illustrator hailing from the worldly metropolis of Melbourne, Nate Trapnell!

Nate’s work has been described as an “Ed Roth/Asian tattoo artist” mashup, which seems to be appropriate given the imagery and style Trapnell employs in a majority of his work.  While a large percentage of his work is rendered in black-and-white using solely ink as a medium, Nate is also skilled with limited colorwork (sometimes even just one color!) when necessary.  His portfolio is fantastic in composition and execution, featuring personal worksketchesclient collateral, and motion/animation.

For more of The Southpaw’s work, make sure to swing by his website and check out his various illustrations and animations.  In the spirit of the holiday season, Nate’s work is also available for purchase for the artistically-inclined gifters — his work can be purchased directly from the source or on NiceProduce!  Check it, y’all.

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