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Mysterious Al

London, United Kingdom

“The Forest “KING” realms over all forest and woodland gods.  His responsibilities include recruitment, management, God-resources and payroll.  The Forest “KING” wears a crown of golden paper, although he has no official royal status.  He’s cool with that.  The Forest “KING” likes clean water, sunlight and Jazz music.  He hates buildings and taxes.”
– Mysterious Al, on the “Forest King ” character

Please meet Mysterious Al.  Any sort of introduction we at Ballista Magazine could give this artist would pale in comparison to the introduction given to his “Forest King”, so a short and simple introduction will have to suffice.  Mysterious Al is an accomplished artist/animator whose powerful characters and skillful execution have garnered a great deal of acclaim on local, national, and international scales.

As you can probably gather from his moniker, not much information is available regarding the identity or whereabouts of this talented artist; however, all sources trace the Mysterious Al headquarters to London, England.  According to his interview with Trash Filter, Al was trained as a painter in the fine arts but has since reappropriated his overt artistic talent to illustration and drawing.  His portfolio is balanced between professional and personal endeavors, all of which are incredibly fun and edgy.  Mysterious Al has done illustration work for top companies such as Volvo, Orange, Adidas, DSL55, and Eastpak.

If you are interested, please feel free to see more work or visit his online store at the Mysterious Al website.  If you leave the site searching for more, you can visit Mysterious Al’s Twitter and/or blog (primarily web clips that are both oddly fascinating and abundantly creepy).  Either way, we at Ballista Magazine are fans — enjoy!

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