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My Associate Cornelius

Gardner, Kansas

This Saturday, Ballista Magazine is pleased to feature an illustrator and artist with some of the more playful products we’ve seen in our infancy as a design digest.  Hailing from the design mecca of Gardner, KS, A. Micah Smith has established the multidisciplinary design firm, oddly named My Associate Cornelius.  While we are unsure of the origins of the name, Mr. Smith is representing the 10,000 (+/-) residents of Gardner with design that is on par with any designer in any city.

While there is very little background information about this young designer and firm, the design showcased on Smith’s website and blog is incredibly unique, dynamic, and refreshing.  What distances My Associate Cornelius’ aesthetic from that of its corporate competitors is the rawness consistent throughout the work.  His work appears to be a compilation of formal geometry, kitsch memorabilia, and one-off abstraction, but in reality lacks a characteristic or definition.  The work is heavily rooted in nostalgia but remains exceedingly modern in its execution.  It is very unique and very difficult to describe (as evidenced by my wandering, ridiculous analysis)…

As such, it is important that you (the informed designer) delve into the depths of My Associate Cornelius by heading over to their website.  M.A.C found A. Micah Smith can also be found on Twitter, so follow him for design updates and featured work!  Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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