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Mr. Gauky

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Feeling oddly balanced today?  This may be due to the fact that we are celebrating the unofficial autumnal equinox of 2010 (the day in which the Earth experiences equal periods of darkness and daylight).  Keep in mind, however, that this is the UNOFFICIAL autumnal equinox — the day that we accept as the equinox when in reality, it varies annually.  Those of you in an industry or design field that depends on natural lighting or solar metrics, this is basically a holiday.  For the rest of you, this may become just another beautiful autumn day in the English countryside.  Speaking of which, today’s feature hails from “God’s Own Country” (Yorkshire, England).  Known for its green pastures and virgin countryside, Yorkshire is also known for its burgeoning art scene due in part to the artistic styles of one Mr. Gauky.

While there is very little known about the true identity of Mr. Gauky, he describes himself as an Yorkshire-born orphan adopted by a rough-and-tumble gang called “the Slouches” — a group he claims as inspiration.  While we at Ballista Magazine are cautiously skeptical of this upbringing (a slight exaggeration, to say the least), we do know that he is a very skilled technician in the fields of illustration, painting, product design, and street art.  His work may be a bit morbid in concept, but his work is incredibly detailed and skillfully rendered.  Mr. Gauky breathes life into his “misfit creatures”, animating his characters into the third dimension.

For more Gauking, make sure to check out Mr. Gauky’s websiteTwitterFlickr, and/or Facebook pages.  That should keep you busy for quite some time — if not, just stop back tomorrow for our next feature.  Who knows, maybe it will even be the winner of the Summer Camp Extravaganza Competition.  Happy unofficial autumnal equinox!

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