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Mint Digital

London, England

Organized as a melting pot of software developers, interaction designers, and creative strategists, Mint Digital is a design agency headquartered in London and New York.  The agency specializes in user-friendly and interactive web development: technology with personality.  This skill set is abundantly evident by their website‘s unique and friendly landing page…we won’t say how much time we spent fiddling around on the landing page before actually entering the site, but be assured that it was a LOT (time well spent).

Mint Digital was founded in 2004 and has already amassed an impressive client list including media industry giants such as ABC, Orange, MTV, BBC, and Sony Ericsson.  A great deal of Mint’s portfolio revolves around creating platforms to supplement the user experience of these existing entities— for example, the Big Brothers Big Ears project was developed as “a twice-weekly radio talk show aired throughout Big Brother 9. The site provided a platform for users to ask and vote up / down user-generated questions to guests of the show while they were being interviewed by presenters, Iain Lee and Gemma Cairney.”  In this way, Mint Digital strives to “create sites that talk to you, the user, as a person. Not blast you, the user, with marketing goo.”  Today’s media marketplace is an onslaught of corporate posturing, so its absolutely refreshing to find an agency that empowers the user and activates the audience in novel and innovative ways.

Want more?  Check out Mint Digital’s websiteblogTwitter, and/or Flickr pages to keep tabs on this young but powerful agency.  As you can imagine, Ballista values quality over quantity (we are extremely lean…but not so mean) and Mint has compiled a talented and cohesive group capable of great things in the coming years.  We can’t wait to see more!






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