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Mike Mitchell

Los Angeles, California

Today’s design feature is a ridiculously talented illustrator and the pride of Los Angeles: Sir Mike Mitchell!

A self-described artist and cat enthusiast, Mike operates his print shop out of his Los Angeles home with the help of his wife, Lauren.  Drawing heavily from pop art and cult classics, Mike has amazing conceptual imagery and executes these concepts to nearly-photographic realism.  These abilities are perhaps most evident in his Crazy for Cult print, which features some of the entertainment business’ most recognizable film characters donning 3-d glasses.  The hyper-realistic audience is immediately recognizable and the modern interpretation presents these characters through a more socially relevant lens.  We love Mike’s work and are working to get some of his prints on our walls soon — we suggest you do the same.

Not only is Mike’s website next level, the illustrator can also be found on pretty much every social media/design outlet so check him out on FacebookTwitter, or Tumblr.  Should you find that his prints catch your fancy, you can purchase swag and prints at his online store.  We apologize for the brief hiatus over the holiday weekend, but we were on the phone with our mothers and let them know how much we appreciate them…cause we are sweet like that.  We’ll be back on schedule with another design feature tomorrow!

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