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Mike Kus

Bath, United Kingdom

If you are involved with web design, development, social networking, or mobile interfaces there’s a good chance that you have already seen Mike Kus’ work. You probably didn’t realize that there was a common design mastermind behind projects, such as, the Future of Web Design, Chirp – The Official Twitter Developer Conference, and StackOverlow DevDays websites.

Most of the projects Mike has worked on have been completed as a member of the Carsonified team. Carsonified is an interesting firm located in Bath, England. The firm is interesting to us, because they focus on educational content and organizing design-related events. Carsonified’s self-proclaimed passion is “training, inspiring and connecting web designers and developers.” In our opinion that’s a great passion to have. Ballista readers should take particular note of Carsonified’s Think Vitamin Membership, which offers online tutorials for web designers and developers for a nominal fee.

Back to the topic at hand… Mike Kus’ knack for design is apparent from the moment you pull-up one of his websites. Mike expertly blends textures, fonts, and colors to create beautiful websites, which are also easy to understand and navigate. A balance between stunning visuals and usability can be hard to achieve, but Mike seems to be finding the balance on every project he tackles.  Recent work for AmazeeLabs really drives this point home. The website is very easy to use and has been featured on numerous CSS galleries and design blogs. Mike’s own website also recently won a CSS Award. Touché.

Mike Kus has a great website for you to visit, and he writes pretty swell tweets for you to read.

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