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Mike Krol

New Haven, Connecticut

It’s a great day to be in Wisconsin!  Ballista Magazine would like to congratulate the Green Bay Packers for their impressive Super Bowl victory over the always-tough Pittsburgh Steelers as we submit a sad farewell to the sport of football until next fall.  However, in light of this recent World Championship by the state of Wisconsin’s favorite football team, we at Ballista Magazine thought it would be appropriate to showcase a young talent and one of Wisconsin’s favorite sons: Mike Krol!

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mike has since taken his talents to New Haven, Connecticut; however, Mike will be representing Wisconsin as their design delegate for the Fifty and Fifty State Mottos Project.  The 50 and 50 project is an incredibly interesting undertaking that challenges 50 designers (one per state, as you can imagine) to graphically represent their state motto with hopes of creating a “designer’s atlas”.  Mike joins this project alonside other notable past Featured Faces such as A. Micah Smith, Adam Flanagan, Jessica Hische, Mark Weaver, and Mikey Burton.  The project is young (only 8 mottos revealed thus far), but we trust that Mike will deliver another showstopper to add to his already-fantastic portfolio.

Mike’s website segments his work into Recent and Older Works, both of which showcase a great variety of design collateral for an a great variety of individual and corporate clients.  His freelance clients include the likes of Nike, MTV, Penguin, and various bands and record labels, but Mike has also excelled in an office environment for Planet Propaganda (Madison, WI) and the Type Director’s Club in NYC.  For more of Mr. Krol’s work, check out the gallery below and make sure to stop by his website — we look forward to seeing more, especially your contribution to the 50 and 50 project.  To reiterate…it’s a great day to be in Wisconsin!

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