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Matter Practice

Brooklyn, New York

The borough of Brooklyn, while often relegated to Manhattan’s “Little Brother”, is an often-misunderstood and under-appreciated neighborhood that has produced some of the top talents in the WORLD.  Aside from acting as the birthplace of greats such as Mike Tyson, Bobby Fischer, Vince Lombardi, and Michael Jordan (yes, MJ…), Brooklyn has also compiled an incredible resumé of design talent that spans across the entire design spectrum.  We at Ballista Magazine are more than aware of the design prowess coming from this celebrated design center, showcasing the likes of Adam Flanagan, SUPER-INTERESTING!, Jennifer Daniel, emphas!s, Edina Tokodi, Jessica Hische, and Ed Nacional as past Featured Firms and Faces.  Today’s feature, Matter Practice, only adds to the already-stellar reputation of this community.  Headquartered in the Big Apple’s most populous borough, Matter Practice has steadily climbed the ranks of design, culminating this week with their nomination as a finalist for the MoMA PS1 design competition!

Founded by the marital duo of Alfred Zollinger and Sandra Wheeler, Matter Practice is an architecture and exhibition design firm located in the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, New York.  As a selected finalist for the 2011 Young Architects Program, Matter Practice is in the running for the opportunity to design a proposed garden space for MoMA PS1 in Long Island City (of the Queens borough).  The award will not come easy, however, given the strength and diversity of its formidable competitors.  To say the field is impressive is an understatement, including design leaders such as Interboro Partners, FormlessFinder, Matter PracticeMass Design Group, and IJP Corporation Architects.  Matter’s proposal, titled Delightoscope, is pictured above and utilizes an organic tapestry of semi-transparent umbrellas to visually shape the space and capitalizes on the excellent quality of light in the public garden space.  While Matter’s entry is a little “softer” tectonically, the proposal is an interesting and well-executed plan in keeping with the identity of the MoMA PS1 museum.

To view more of Matter Practice’s oustanding design portfolio please visit their website, which features nearly 50 projects that run the gamut of design.  As far as we know, Matter does not have a presence in the social media networks we typically feature, but please let us know if you have the inside scoop regarding where we can find more from this fantastic firm.  While we at Ballista Magazine feel obligated to remain non-partisan, we CAN tell you that the commission will be awarded to one of these 5 design firms in approximately three months.  Please check out the site and see Matter’s proposal alongside the others!

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