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Matiz Architecture & Design

New York, New York

Matiz Architecture & Design (MAD) is a “360 degree architectural, branding and design agency” headquartered in Manhattan. The agency was founded over 10 years ago by Sara Mosele Matiz and Juan Carlos Matiz with a clear and unique mission: “deliver outstanding work for a wide array of clients across many different industries.” MAD has been successful across multiple industries and categories because of their extraordinary ideas, creative experimentation, strategic design, multidisciplinary talent, and sustainable practices.

MAD has attracted a varied list of clients from around the globe, such as New York University, Boys and Girls Club of America, Microsoft, Starbucks Coffee, IBM, UPS, and Etsy. Additionally, on the MAD client listing you will notice quite a few organizations and not-for-profits. MAD contributes its expertise and time to not-for-profits for branding and design projects free of charge! The agency also participates in design competitions and has full-time paid interns on staff to gain real world experience. We certainly appreciate that MAD is contributing to the development of young designers.

The agency recently completed a commercial project in Brooklyn for Etsy, the popular outlet for handmade wares. The project was challenging because of the building’s proximity to the Manhattan Bridge and constant subway traffic. MAD responded by placing areas with lesser sensitivity to noise on the perimeter (where they benefited from the natural lighting). The positioning of these areas acts as a buffer for the private and acoustically controlled environments located toward the center of the space.

A selection of work from Matiz Architecture & Design can bee seen in the gallery below. To view additional projects be sure to visit the agency’s website. You can also find MAD on Facebook and Twitter.

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