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Luke Bott

Wichita, Kansas

Luke Bott is a designer and illustrator from Wichita, KS whose work has been featured in publications such as Step 100, LogoLounge, Print Magazine, Identity Magazine, and Computer Arts Magazine.  He is currently employed as an art director for Gardner Design, but has an excellent and diverse portfolio of his own freelance work.

It’s difficult to summarize Luke’s work with an overarching theme due to his portfolio’s incredible diversity; his work ranges from the nostalgic and hand-crafted to the modern and corporate.  In all instances, however, Luke exhibits extreme care in making sure the identity of the individual or entity is represented accordingly.  Gardner Design (his current employer) has made a business of just that, as regional specialists in corporate branding and identity.  Luke takes that same care with each of his freelance work, whether the collateral is for himself, a baby announcement, or a small mom-and-pop shop…each piece is distinctly “theirs”.

For more of Luke’s work, please visit his personal website or his bevy of social media outlets.  Mr. Bott is currently represented on TwitterFlickr, and Dribbble so be sure to check him out…and while, you’re there, check us out too @BallistaMag or on Facebook!

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