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Lucid Design

Nelson, New Zealand

New Zealand has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the known world.  Playing host to the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy, many unknowing viewers marveled at a landscape they assumed was fabricated at a computer screen but in fact, was quite natural (with CGI enhancements, of course).  In any event, it should come as no surprise that a bevy of fantastic design is coming from a region with such natural beauty.  Past features from the land of the kiwis include Nick de Jardine, Ponoko, and Andrew Archer; today, we at Ballista Magazine are proud to add another New Zealander to the list: Lucid Design of Nelson, New Zealand!

Lucid Design was established in 2000 by founder Galen King during his time as a student at Canterbury University.  While the firm markets itself as a graphic design and web development studio, Lucid is also very capable in the fields of illustration, packaging/label design, photography, and web application development!  According to their website, Lucid  “loves clean, simple, minimalist design and works hard to create beautiful work that meets our clients’ budget needs while also giving us the creative freedom to produce great results.” These elements are showcased in their exemplary design portfolio, which features a diverse and unique compilation of design collateral and deliverables.  We at Ballista Magazine are especially fond of their work for the Lucid Cards Project, an advertising initiative that utilizes fantastically-design postcards as a means to promote yourself or your business.  Make sure you check it out!

To get connected with Lucid Design, you can choose from any number of social media outlets.  These outlets include their fantastic website , Twitter account, and/or Facebook page, so visit/follow/like them and help them grow their fan base!  As many of you may or may not know, one of Ballista Magazine’s New Year’s Resolutions is to reach 1,000 fans, so let’s get connected and help others do the same!  We wish you a very productive Friday and a very relaxing weekend — we’ll see you next week!

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