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Lesley Barnes

Glasgow, Scotland

Lesley Barnes is a Glasgow-based illustrator with a highly geometric and incredibly complex style.  Her work has been featured in publications such as Ammo Magazine, Cent Magazine, Time Out London, Glamour Magazine, and Digital Artist (to name just a few).  Today’s feature adds to her already impressive resume with a feature on Ballista Magazine!

Ms. Barnes work often features natural elements that are comprised as almost a collage of geometric forms — this is rare condition in that work typically trends towards one or the other.  One on hand some of the most beautiful mosaic illustrations we have featured in our time as a design digest have been elegant and simplistic, distilling complex forms into their most elementary geometric parts using two to three colors in their application.  On the other, we have featured work whose beauty resides in an over-complication of lines, forms and color.  It is very rare to find a work that strikes a balance between the two — and Lesley’s portfolio does just that.  Her approach is unique, and the product is even more so.  Just take a look at the complexity of her portfolio pieces and see for yourself

In addition to Ms. Barnes’ website, she can also be found on a slew of other media outlets such as FlickrVimeoTwitter, and YouTube.  Like what you see?  Head on over to her Etsy shop and purchase some of her fantastic artwork!  People helping people, y’all.



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