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Legwork Studio

Denver, Colorado

Legwork is a full service creative studio located in Denver, Colorado. The firm has over 35 years of collective industry experience, and they built their practice on “the understanding that you can build a sustainable studio on the principles of creativity, innovation, and DIY ethic.” The Legwork studio team brings this conviction, and the ethics they employ in their personal lives to every project. This approach allows the studio to stay relevant, nimble, and on-trend.

In working with clients to attract influential and urban consumer groups, Legwork has three guiding principles. First, they believe in open relationships. Contracts and agreements have their purpose, but an open line of communication can go a long way, and prevent lag in projects. Second, they hand over final source files on project completion. “What’s Our Is Yours,” as long as the client doesn’t try to repackage or sell the firm’s work. Finally, Legwork believes, “It’s Your World, We’re Just Living In It.” The firm likes to get fully embedded in a client’s processes so they can compliment existing platforms, rather than rage against the machine. Basically, if you hire Legwork they are going to become common faces at your office, which is a good thing.

The Legwork team consists of Sean Klassen, Aaron Ray, Joey Bullock, Matt Wiggins and Matt Fajohn. With their powers combined, the studio can tackle interactive applications, video, print, packaging, apparel, illustration, animation and brand/identity. The studio has worked with Airwalk, Optic Nerve, Great Divide Brewing Co, Playboy, Lions Gate Films and Disney. In particular, we were impressed with the studio’s output for Airwalk and The Gamits. Both of which employ the latest and greatest web technologies.

To view additional work from Legwork Studio visit the firm’s website (which is fun to explore and truly representative of the studio’s brand). Additionally, the studio can be liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter.

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