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Lead Pencil Studio

Seattle, Washington

In the western world (and America, in particular), we at Ballista Magazine feel that it is safe to say that consumers are more than familiar with two things: the automobile and advertisements.  We are an auto-centric society that has become increasingly adept at recognizing and interpreting (sometimes even subconsciously) brand equity, even at speeds exceeding 70mph.  Sometimes, though, designers make a statement that make you stop (or at least slow down!).  Today’s feature showcases a design studio based out of Seattle, Washington who has gained national acclaim for their “anti-billboard”, an “advertisement” that uses negative space to champion nothing more than clean, unobstructed air!  In light of the design world’s not-so-recent trend towards environmentalism and sustainability, we at Ballista Magazine have decided to follow up on Fast Company Design‘s recent feature by featuring the proprietor of this fantastic idea, Lead Pencil Studio!

Lead Pencil Studio prides themselves on being a “new voice in the emerging field created from the interdisciplinary overlap of architecture and site-specific art”. Led by Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, Lead Pencil Studio has dozens of art installations whose sites range from Boise to Rome.  While a majority of their work is relegated to the Pacific Northwest, LPS is expanding their global reach and communicating their distinct message through built form.  While their architectural portfolio is minimal (or non-existent, according to their website), we at Ballista Magazine are excited to see much more from this up-and-coming firm from Washington State.

For more of this incredibly cutting-edge design studio, please visit their website and/or Facebook page for ongoing design projects and updates regarding this incredible firm.  For those of our audience hailing from the PNW, may we suggest a Sunday road trip?  We at  Ballista would love to see the installation and are even more excited to see how the structure weathers and withstands its inevitable demise as an impromptu aviary!

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