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Paris, France


April 7th marks the symbolic birthdate of one of mankind’s crowning achievements: the Internet!  On this date in 1969, RFC 1 was published as part of the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) project, which eventually became the network we know as the global internet.  What many people do not realize is that the internet has practical applications outside of searching for videos of babies laughing, one of which is the exchange of valuable information and a platform for discussion (especially on Ballista Magazine!).  On this monumental day in history, Ballista Magazine is proud to feature one of our favorite firms from France: Lab123!

Hailing from the capital city of Paris, Lab123 is a multidisciplinary architectural design studio that has garnered a great deal of recent acclaim for their innovative and sustainable developments.  Focusing particularly on the conversion of fallow land in what westerners refer to as “suburbia”, Lab123 has a unique and incredibly interesting approach to the development of land in the fringe of urban areas.  We at Ballista Magazine are particularly impressed with their collective housing schemes (many of which function as artists’ cooperatives), a scheme generally lost in the Western Art scene.  These collectives often feature 12 to 18 units and are incredibly organized as a cohesive faction while retaining the independence necessary for individual artistic endeavors. Their work, while understated, is incredibly thoughtful and challenges/reinvents historical archetypes in a fun and innovative way.  In addition to this fantastic portfolio of collective communities, lab123 also has extensive portfolios in private residential and commercial work (as shown in the gallery below).

For more of Lab123’s work, please visit their websiteTwitter, and/or their Facebook pages.  I personally have no idea how this firm flew under my radar for as long as it has, but please do yourself a favor and check them out sooner rather than later.  Each of the provided links is a wealth of fascinating and thoughtful information and Ballista Magazine would like to thank them whole-heartedly!  Cheers, Lab123!

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