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KWK Promes

Katowice, Poland

So…we made it…the rapture predicted by Harold Camping did not occur this past Saturday.  In that vein, today’s Featured Firm hails from the great country of Poland and has been in the news as THE architectural apocalypse aficionados: KWK Promes!

Established in 1999 by Robert Konieczny and Marlena Wolnik, KWK Promes is a full-service architectural firm headquartered in Katowice, Poland.  The firm has garnered acclaim for their Safe House project, a maximum-security residences recently nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe prize sponsored by the European Union.  In the light of the recent “end-of-days” prediction, we at Ballista Magazine thought it would be appropriate to not only feature this project, but the firm as a whole — the firm does truly excellent work that transcends the gimmicks of zombie-pocalypse paranoia. In reality, KWK Promes has an incredibly thoughtful and brilliantly-executed portfolio of work which has received various awards, including a 2008 International Architecture Award, a WAN Award for their Aatrial House, and multiple nominations over the past decade.

For more information on this fantastic Polish design firm, please visit their website.  Don’t worry, though, the all-Polish website can easily be translated for those of our loyal audience not trained in KWK’s native tongue.  Speaking of loyal audiences, Ballista Magazine is approaching an excellent milestone: our 300th design feature!  We have a special post slated for Friday that outlines our recent growth, our future plans, and how you can help us reach even more lofty milestones.  We’ll continue with our daily features as scheduled up until the big 300, we just wanted to throw a teaser out there to whet your respective whistle(s).  Cheers!

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