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Koodoz Design

Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Koodoz Design is a creative design studio based in Richmond, a diverse suburb located a mere 2 km from Melbourne. The city of Richmond has an eclectic mix of converted warehouse residences and Victorian-era homes, along with a lively retail sector, which sounds like an inspiring locale for a design studio. Koodoz has taken that inspiration to heart, and their portfolio features an impressive array of work, with projects ranging from web development to logo design.

Koodoz’s website and identity for Camp Luxe is one of the studio’s latest projects, and because of the thoughtful attention to detail seen throughout it caught our attention. Camp Luxe is a young Australian online store that targets “glampers.” Glamping is just like camping, except the participants enjoy the outdoors in glamorous ways. They use high end equipment and enjoy refinements that traditional campers might scoff at (you learn something new everyday). As such, every aspect of the Camp Luxe website was created to appeal to this niche demographic. The layout is clean and modern. The color palette is delicate, but it totally works. And the corporate identity Koodoz crafted for Camp Luxe is also quite posh.

We’re not saying that the Camp Luxe website is Koodoz Design’s absolute best work, or that the website is representative of the studio’s entire output. Koodoz’s work for Camp Luxe simply grabbed our attention during our review. That being said, Koodox is a really diverse firm, and they deserve your review. Check out the Koodoz Design website. And shoot the studio a “Like” over at Facebook.

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