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John Martz

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Today’s Featured Face is a designer and illustrator coming to you from the beautiful country to our immediate North, Mr. John Martz of Canada.

Currently working out of Toronto, Ontario, John Martz is a talented illustrator, comic book artist, typographer, and “world-famous escape artist” (according to his Twitter account…but who are we to dispute the claim?).  Martz has an incredibly unique aesthetic with the ability to produce work that ranges from 8-bit illustration to highly refined design collateral.  What separates John from the metaphorical “pack” would be his versatility — in addition to his obvious talents in illustration, John’s portfolio also features some excellent narrative work and custom typefaces features in his minicomics (available for sale in his webshop, linked below).  He is a “one-stop shop” for all thing graphic.

In addition to his fantastic portfolio of work, Ballista Magazine also appreciates John’s levity with regard to his artistic evolution…in reference to his custom fonts featured on his website, “most of them were created when I was in high school, so the quality varies from “perfectly usable and awesome” to “oh god that’s hideous”. With that attitude, not much can hold this design talent back — even if something could, please remember…he IS a world-famous escape artist.

In addition to his website, Mr. Martz can also be found on TwitterFlickr, and Tumblr.  John also runs a webshop, so be sure to stop by and pick up a print and/or minicomic for your collection!

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