The Pod Hotel, outdoor garden

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JM Rizzi

Brooklyn, New York

James Rizzi goes by the name JM Rizzi, because surprisingly there is another Brooklyn-based artist named James Rizzi. The confusion began in art school and to distance himself and his work from the other Rizzi the pseudonym was adopted. We’re confident; without even seeing the other James Rizzi’s work, that there’s no possibility for confusion now.

JM Rizzi’s street art and paintings are vibrant and colorful. Rizzi’s line is alive and spontaneous. The murals he creates seem to be bursting with activity. Cubist and abstract expressionist painters are obviously major influences, but these styles are only referenced, not copied. JM Rizzi takes those influences and combines them with graffiti technique and an international aesthetic to create truly unique street art.

Now for a little more back story… JM Rizzi wasn’t always an avant garde street artist. It seems he used to have a 9-to-5 job, which he abruptly quit to pursue his passion for art and design. His work has been positively received since making the switch. He exhibited Chinese New Year at the Woodward Gallery Project Space, a rotating exhibit of street art. In early 2010, Rizzi took on a major commission at The Pod Hotel. He created murals for the hotel lobby, guest rooms, and a giant 40 by 26 foot mural for an outdoor dining space. The outcome of the commission is spectacular.

JM Rizzi can be found online at his webiste and blog. He is represented by Mighty Tanaka and has a print available at Abztract.

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