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Twin Cities, Minnesota

Established in 2002, JGoods is a provider of hand-painted custom sneakers for various clients around the world.  Said client list includes media A-Listers such as Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, Torii Hunter, Joe Mauer, Prince Fielder, Paul Wall, Memphis Bleek and Cam’Ron; suffice it to say, JGoods has his foot (and the creative kicks that are on them) in the door and well over the threshold.

As many sneakerheads know, the devil is in the details…and JGoods has mastered the art of the detail.  For anyone that has ever tried to customize sneakers, there are three primary obstacles: the deglaze, the lack of surface, and not screwing it up.  The deglaze is arguably the most important process, as it lays the foundation for any artwork you plan to incorporate — sneakers are manufactured to resist the elements, and the most important piece of the puzzle is removing the barrier so that your art will “take”.  On top of that, you are painting at a microscopic scale on a leather surface with no substantial backing for far longer than a normal attention span lasts (read: lack of surface and not screwing it up).  The truth is, the process is incredibly tedious…but the product, when executed with the precision of a master, is mind-blowing.  JGoods’ products are 100% authentic and 100% non-replicable.

For more of JGoods’ work, check out his TwitterFacebook, or his “Creativity is King” blog.  If you are ever in Twin Cities or need some kicks (and have some extra coin), make sure to hit ’em up.

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