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Jee Bundy

Penfield, New York

In accordance with our mission statement, we at Ballista Magazine are proud to feature the winner of our inaugural Summer Camp Extravaganza competition, Jee Bundy.  As the winner of the competition, Jee has scored herself some premium Ballista swag, a complimentary “making” voucher from our friends at Ponoko, and an esteemed position on our A-List of up-and-coming stars.  As detailed in our announcement of the competition winners, Jee is an industrial designer by trade and hails from Penfield, NY.  She also heads a design boutique named Oryx+Crake (subtle nod to Margaret Atwood?) and has a plethora of other projects in the making.  As part of our A-List feature, we at Ballista Magazine try to extract a bit of the personality of the person behind the design — without further ado, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Jee Bundy’s Five Rounds with Ballista Magazine.

1. If you had to pick one product that best represented the field of industrial design from any period of history, what would it be?

The automobile. It’s iconic, seductive, complex, and ever changing. It would probably still look like the model-T without the help of some industrial designers.

2. What inspired you to pursue industrial design as a career?

I’m not exactly sure anymore. I knew at the time it would be too impractical to be a fine artist, but I couldn’t imagine myself doing something that wasn’t creative. I’ve always noticed things about products that I’d like to change and ID (industrial design) gives me a chance to do that.

3. What is the most inspiring city you have traveled to thus far?  What is your next destination (actual or otherwise)?

It may sound cliche, but Florence, Italy. The city is intoxicating. I couldn’t get enough of the architecture, art, history, markets, gardens, people, gelato… and cappuccinos like you’ve never tasted here.  Next dream destination would be to the home of Scandinavian Design.

4. What is the one project that best showcases your skills as a designer?

My latest project of building a small business. I’m designing, producing, and selling a line of modern home decor under the name Oryx+ Crake Design. I just started designing for myself on my return to the states a few months ago beginning with the modern bird feeder. I kept designing new products and before I knew it I had a small product line. Now the challenge is to find retailers to carry the line and grow the business.

5. Cream or sugar?

If I can’t have both, I’ll take cream.

…and there you have it — Jee will have her cake and eat it too!  We at Ballista would like to sincerely congratulate Ms. Bundy once again for her winning submission to the Summer Camp Extravaganza Competition and look forward to seeing much more from her in the very near future.  For more information, make sure to stop by her personal website and/or the Etsy site of her new startup, Oryx+Crake.

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