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Jason Munn

Oakland, California

The Small Stakes studio was opened as a poster shop in 2003 and is the product of Mr. Munn’s self-proclaimed “love of independent music, design, and making for the sake of making”.  Since these beginnings, Jason has expanded the breadth of his production to include book covers, album packaging, T-shirt designs, screen-printed posters, and illustrations.  The passion Jason shows for his collateral’s respective industry is overwhelmingly evident in the energy and care imbued in each of his respective posters.  More often that not, design minimalism is misunderstood and under-appreciated as “simplistic”; however, the ability to execute minimalist design strategies at the artistic level Jason has exhibited is truly mind-boggling.  The non-spoken, but accepted rules that validate minimalism are incredibly finicky and often approached, but rarely perfected.

As you already are aware, we at Ballista Magazine love the work…and we are most certainly not the only ones.  Jason’s incredible work has landed him a position as part of the permanent collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Jason’s work has also been featured in some of the industry’s most highly-regarded publications, including Print, Communication Arts, Step Inside Design, Computer Arts Projects, ReadyMade, and Creative Review.

For more of Jason’s work, please visit the Small Stakes website or follow him on Twitter @TheSmallStakes.  Today’s feature will take us through the weekend (with intermittent updates of particularly random design stories), but you can be sure we’ll be back at the grind on Monday Morning!  As a reminder, we at Ballista Magazine find joy in featuring Firms and Faces that YOU submit, so take some time and let us know if you or someone you know has some design chops worthy of a Feature!  Have a great weekend, all…


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