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London, United Kingdom

Incidental is a small London-based agency that specializes in cross-disciplinary creative work. Over the last six years, the agency has worked on projects throughout Europe, Asia, and the U.S. These projects have included, live performances, public events, software design, CD releases and printed publications. Incidental is capable of producing a wide variety of work, which typically falls into two categories: “participatory work designed to foster collaborative, collective approaches to creativity and expression, and performative projects that seek to destabilise traditional notions of artist and the integrity of the original work.” Counted among the agency’s clients are Asian Development Bank, Manchester International Festival, The Lower East Side Tenement Museum, and several other museums, foundations, and organizations.

Incidental was founded by David Gunn. He is currently working as a musician, programmer, designer and creative practitioner, in addition to the agency’s creative lead. Incidental also relies on a diverse talent pool of consultants that includes designers, musicians, videographers, visual artists, and more. The creative power that Incidental’s multi-disciplinary team produces can be see throughout their work. Whether the agency is working on a software package or a public performance piece, the Incidental approach will be innovative and inspiring… you can count on that.

To view more of the agency’s work visit and You can also follow Incidental on Twitter @theincidentals.

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