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Los Angeles, California

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Hirsuta is a full-service architectural, interior, landscape, and product design firm specializing in advanced form and the integration of emerging technologies in construction.  Their design portfolio is diverse, highly experimental, and reflects some the most forward innovation (conceptual, material, technological, or otherwise) trends in the building industry.

According to its founder Jason Payne, Hirsuta privileges the role of matter over organization in the design process.  In this way, architectural production is generated from the play of matter and energy rather than the diagrams of organized program in a traditional design process.  The firm has adopted the process with the intent of imbuing a phenomenological richness to their projects, citing that “their ambition in architecture lies not in what it is so much as how it feels” — the approach also results in some unconventional but astonishing architectural form.

Perhaps most unconventional would be the firm’s Raspberry Fields project, a renovation and restoration of a one-room schoolhouse in northern Utah.  In keeping with their integration of innovative material usage, the structure is clad in wood shingles, not unlike traditional cedar shake cladding in ways — but very UNlike it in others.  The shingles are 4″x24″, with a 12″ exposure that will be left to warp as the natural elements determine.  So while the building will begin with flat monolithic surface facades, over the years it will evolve into an entirely different beast — a warped, twisted array of shingles that reveal and celebrate the harshness of the Utah extremes.

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