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Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Hicksdesign is the creative partnership between Jon and Leigh Hicks. The partnership began nearly a decade ago in 2002, and the duo are headquartered in Oxfordshire, UK. Jon and Leigh are skilled in the development of web sites, user interfaces, branding, icons, and print designs. In addition to being talented designers, the Hicksdesign team also speaks at conferences, and Jon maintains a blog where he shares all sorts of insights. So Jon and Leigh are not only skilled designers, but they are also in their own way educators, which we admire and respect.

Since you’re reading this feature (on a design-related website) there’s a high probability that you have already seen Hicksdesign’s work. The partners produced Helvetireader, a downloadable theme that tweaks the user interface of Google Reader. Rocket Science Group tapped Hicksdesign to produce the logo for their email marketing service, MailChimp. And if you are a fan of open source software you are probably familiar with Jolicloud; Hicksdesign created the icons for the user interface. You may not have realized that Hicksdesign was responsible for the design on those projects, but you do now! Educated.

Be sure to visit the Hicksdesign website to see a richer selection of their work. Also, check out the Goodies section for access to Helvetireader and free desktop wallpapers. Jon Hicks is on Twitter @hicksdesign if you prefer to keep abreast of their work in that fashion.

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