Girlfriend, Edition

Portfolio Preview

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New York, New York

Girlfriend is a design, branding, and technology studio located in downtown New York City. The studio was founded in 2010, and ever since they have been delivering “quality products, services and digitally-driven experiences” to clients and peers (see Tiny Fluid Grid). Girlfriend’s team is versed in experience design, product development, branding, copy writing, art direction, visual design, prototyping, interaction design, and two kinds of development. How do they tackle this ambitious workload? “Girlfriend’s process is iterative, responsive, and powered by late nights, pizza and beer.” That’s how.

In just over a year Girlfriend has developed a stunning portfolio of comprehensive design projects. The studio’s expertise across disciplines allows them to deliver to a client a logo that works in perfect harmony with their Girlfriend-designed website and print collateral. If you want to see a firm that has fully embraced the fluidity of design in the digital age look no further than Girlfriend.

To view a larger sampling of the studio’s work visit Like any digital studio worth their salt, you can follow Girlfriend on Tumblr and Twitter. We also would like to note that Girlfriend’s email address is xoxo [at] Simply perfect.


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