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Gin Lane Media

New York, New York

Gin Lane Media is a full-service creative agency that has designed and developed some of our favorite websites of the moment. Their minimal approach to design places emphasis on each client’s story, rather than a designer’s virtuosity or a developer’s technical acumen. The websites and digital experiences coming out of the Gin Lane office are equally alluring and informative, and highly usable.

Gin Lane Media was founded in New York City in 2007 with the desire to help artists and creatives the agency believed in. The staff has grown to include creative thinkers, designers, and developers from five separate continents, who together speak over ten languages. The diversity of the Gin Lane staff is also reflected in their backgrounds; there are individuals with fine art portfolios to business degrees contributing to the agency’s output.

Gin Lane has produced an impressive body of work during their first 5 years. Their most notable project could be the redesign of Gin Lane topped over 40 other agencies to get the job. The redesigned website has been a key component in AOL’s new business model. Some of our favorite projects include the agency’s websites for Saturdays NYC, Blind Barber, and Roc4life.

You can view additional work from Gin Lane Media at their website. The agency is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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