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Gerren Lamson

Austin, Texas

Multi-discipline designer Gerren Lamson has recently popped up a few places around the design blogosphere. The reason for this surge in popularity is his beautifully illustrated portfolio site. In fact, we have seen just the homepage of his website on display several places. As a designer Gerren has to be pleased with this response, but as a designer he probably also wants visitors to take a look at the rest of his work. These other sites, mostly CSS galleries, refrain from exploring portfolios in depth; this is not their modus operandi and we’re not pointing fingers. We looked at the rest of Gerren’s work and we are certainly glad we did.

Gerren Lamson lives in Austin, TX, and he is a designer, illustrator, and “all-around creative person.” Lamson is currently a member of the Springbox-team, but he also enjoys drawing and printmaking in his spare time. If you are a fan of Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG campaign you are already familiar with Gerren’s work. He completed the style guide and a custom icon set for the non-profit’s website. Gerren and his teammates received both a Davey and W3 award for their work on this project. In addition, Gerren created another set of custom icons and user interface elements for the award winning Chocoscope project, completed for Central Market.

Gerren is a talented illustrator with a unique style. His hand drawn illustrations and graphics are thoughtfully conceived and are engaging at a large scale. In addition, Lamson is able to translate the unique style of his larger illustrations into smaller elements for the web and digital use; this is an incredibly valuable skill for a modern designer.

To view more of Gerren Lamson’s work you can visit his aforementioned website, or check out his profiles on Twitter, Dribble, and Flickr.

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