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Gerardot & Co.

Carmel, Indiana

For sports fans and chili-lovers alike, the Super Bowl is arguably a national holiday (and maybe no argument is necessary) — semi-fresh on the heels of the city’s fantastic showing for Super Bowl XVI, Gerardot & Co. is one of many burgeoning design firms hailing from the Circle City.  Located a mere 15-or-so miles north of Indianapolis, this multidisciplinary design agency specializes in place branding, product branding, and packaging design.

According to their website, Gerardot & Co. is a “strategic branding and design firm (heavy on the strategic — smart on the design)” that loves to start from the very beginning.  Obviously, a blank slate is a best case scenario and fairly rare in the branding market, so the firm has adapted themselves to integrate into any phase of their clients’ process.  In short, their services run the gamut from a full-fledged brand integration to a fine-tuning of an existing kit of parts.

What we particularly appreciate about the agency’s work is their commitment to innovation, especially in their packaging for the Torche line of wine products.  In this rollout, they exhibited their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability by proposing a packaging reuse at the “end” of the products’ conceived life cycle.  The bottle comes equipped with a kit to retrofit an empty bottle into a modern tiki-torch of sorts, breathing life into a product otherwise relegated to a recycling or, worst case, trash bin.

For more Gerardot & Co., make sure to visit their websiteFacebook, and Twitter pages.  As native Midwesterners, we love to see a cold-weather city perform so well and bring some love back to the Midwest.  We know we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, but there are big things in the works for Ballista and hope to reveal them to you soon.


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