Frank Espinosa, Timebomb Attack

Portfolio Preview

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Frank Espinosa

New York, New York

Frank Espinosa is definitely not an up-and-coming designer. He has served as an art director at both Warner Brothers and Disney. Espinosa has also been nominated for three Esiner Awards and taught mythology, world-making, and character design at MIT in the Comparative Media Studies department. Some of you may be well aware of Espinosa, but we recently came across his work and we wanted to share it with you: our loyal and very much appreciated readers.

If you are a child of the nineties you might remember the Looney Tunes postage stamps… Frank Espinosa did the character design on those. Espinosa’s character design and illustration is captivating and dynamic. His background as a long-time animator certain helps.

Espinosa skillfully employs negative space throughout his body of work. His characters appear lively and vibrant even though his line work can be spartan at times. His recent output really takes advantage of our collective ability to recognize space and patterns.

We think his Marvel character redesigns are fantastic. There really isn’t much more we can say; just look at the work. Frank Espinosa can be found online by way of his blog. He also has a website located at that is currently offline; with a portfolio like his we’re guessing it will be back online soon.

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