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Francois Perrin

Los Angeles, California

Francois Perrin is a French-born architect who lives and works in Los Angeles. Francois was born in Paris in 1968 and he received his Professional Degree in Architecture from Ecole d’Architecture Paris la Seine in 1993. Francois’ talent for crafting residential, commercial and exhibitions designs has drawn him critical and commercial success. In 1998 Francois was the recipient of the Electra Grant for Young Architects. Later, the exhibitions Transarchitectures (1998) and Archilab (1999) invited Francois to participate. Recently, Francois received a Graham Foundation Research Grant for his upcoming publication, Architectures of Climate.

For reasons unknown to us, at some point Francois moved from his home country to Los Angeles. (Perhaps Francois is an avid surfer, or a food truck aficionado.) Nevertheless, Francois established his Los Angeles-based practice in 2000. Francois has been extremely productive since transplanting to the West Coast. In 2004, his book Yves Klein: Air Architecture co-authored by Peter Noever was published. The subsequent exhibition featuring the architectural projects and theories of the French conceptual artist has been presented in Los Angeles, New York and Vienna. Francois has taught and lectured at institutions around the world, including USC, UCLA, Columbia University, Jan Van Eyck Akademie and MAK Vienna. His work has been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Sunset, Dwell and Wallpaper*.

This summer Francois will be supervising the construction of the PAS House (see above), a project conceived by Etnies owner and skate icon Pierre-André Senizergues and artist Gil Le Bon Delapointe. When finished, the PAS House will be a 2,200-square foot single-family dwelling that is entirely skate-able and also environmentally friendly. The current 753.5-square prototype features a living room and kitchen, each with rails and a ramp. The PAS House is an undeniably interesting concept, and it may offer “a glimpse into the future that shows what the [future] may look like when combining the powerful influence of skateboarding on a dwelling place.”

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