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Florian Flatau

Munich, Germany

The invention of the automobile has an often-misunderstood past.  While many associate the invention of the modern automobile with the implementation of the assembly line by Henry Ford, the definition of the automobile would suggest that its invention occurred far earlier in history.  The first automobile was, in fact, a three-wheeled steam powered machine built by Frenchman Nicolas Cugnot.  Topping out at a whopping 2.3mph, the automobile barely outran the “technology” it was supposed to replace: the horse and buggy.  After several reiterations, 18th century industrial designers settled on a technology that would revolutionize automotive travel with the internal combustion engine, pioneered in 1889 by German engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach.  Given this rich history, it should come as no surprise that the Germans are at the forefront of automotive design and technology; however, Germany has also produced its fair share of incredible designers outside of the automotive field.  Today’s Featured Face hails from the fantastic city of Munich and is a transportation designer and all-around design savant: Florian Flatau!

Currently based in Munich FLATAU started from humble beginnings, stemming from roots using the moniker SHAWN to his period as THESIGNER to his eventual landing on his current name of FLATAU.  While currently employed and formally educated as a transportation designer for the automotive industry, FLATAU’s website includes topical work as well as cross-disciplinary design in toys, concept design, graffiti, and paintings.  Florian is also the mastermind behind the “vs.You” campaign, a self-empowerment cause embodied by a resin boxing glove sculpture.  Limited in quantity (only 288 in production), these sculptures are “bureaucratically marked as an desktop-item”, but are sure to become hot commodities to art collectors and casual designers alike.

For more of Florian’s work, be sure to visit his website and/or his independent vs.You website for more design samplings from Munich and the world.  No social media at present, but we at Ballista Magazine hope to see him soon; visit us tomorrow for yet another design feature!

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