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Edward McGowan/Parko Polo

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Edward McGowan (and his alter-ego Parko Polo) is/are a fantastic illustrator/illustrators from Edinburgh, UK.  With completely separate porfolio/portfolios of work/works, this is one of our most unusual feature/features ever.  If that opening sentence confused you, then you might as well just give up now…it only gets more weird.

Those of you that are still with us, you are in for a treat.  According to Polo’s Twitter user description (@parkopolo), the duo is comprised of “mild-mannered illustrator Edward McGowan by day, super side project alter ego Parko Polo by night.”  We’ll start our feature(s) with Mr. McGowan…

By day, Edward McGowan is an illustrator from Edinburgh with a style that is at times geometric and at others, organic.  His work is characterized by a hand-crafted aesthetic that has served as collateral for a client list that includes the New York Times, Paste Magazine, HSBC, and Spectrum Magazine, to name a few.  Edward is the worthy recipient of a shelf full of design awards, including an Applied Arts Illustration Award (2011), designation as one of 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide by Lürzers’s Archive (2011), and selection as part of the American Illustration 30.  Edward can be followed on Twitter @edward_mcgowan…and then the night settles in…

By night, Parko Polo takes the reigns and is responsible for many of Edward’s side projects and personal endeavors.  We assume this working relationship is akin to the shoemaker and the elves, but we can only posit that as an assumption and nothing more.  Polo’s portfolio exhibits a more edgy conceptual approach, which is appropriate given the lack of constraints with individual exploration.  This personal body of work, in conjunction with McGowan’s professional body of work, combine to form a super-portfolio of awesomeness.

McGowan/Polo maintain cooperative Tumblr and Flickr sites so if you feel like killing two birds with one stone, those will be your best best.  I’m fairly sure this feature takes the cake with regard to weirdness and number of links to portfolios and social media, but we obviously thought it was worth the confusion!  Ballista Magazine applauds Edward/Parko’s devotion to keeping the identities separate…in any event, it was a test of our plural/singular grammar — one we undoubtedly failed.

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