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Edina Tokodi

Brooklyn, New York

Edina Tokodi is, for lack of a better term, an environmental artist residing in Brooklyn, NY.  Under the project name Mosstika, Edina has been conducting urban greenery experiments in and around the boroughs of New York since 2006.  Similarly rooted to the concept of “graknitti” (in which forms are wrapped in yarn), the Mosstika experiments are profound and socially-charged, yet inherently temporal and non-invasive.  Edina’s installations adhere vegetative moss to primarily urban forms, cloaking otherwise unfriendly hardscapes into soft and natural planes.  The installations range anywhere from simple to technically exact, utilizing stencils to satirically represent nature in the built environment.

A native of Hungary, Edina was trained in Graphics & Printmaking at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.  How Ms. Tokodi ended up in Brooklyn, we are not sure; however, we at Ballista Magazine are more than pleased that she has brought her fine talents to New York.  For more on Edina or Mosstika, make sure to check out the rest of her installations on her website/blog.  Mosstika can also be found on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to “Like”/Follow this fantastic movement.  Happy Monday!

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