Edgewood, No Glue Cutting Board

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Edgewood was founded by product designers, George Dubinsky and David Short, in 2012. The founders met while attending the Rochester Institute of Technology School for American Crafts. Following Mr. Dubinsky’s successful MFA thesis show at RIT, Edgewood was founded. From the beginning Edgewood has focused on honest methods and materials, allowing the firm to address contemporary needs of the home while producing low impact goods.

Take for example, the No Glue Cutting Board and Tray (pictured left), an exceptionally eco-friendly product. The width of each cutting board is determined by the size of raw stock Edgewood receives from the mill. By matching the cutting board to the size of the stock, waste is reduced. The need for glue is eliminated by using a pressure fit sliding dovetail to attach the feet to the cutting board. Finally, a food safe and environmentally friendly finish is applied to the cutting board, ensuring it can be used for generations.

Edgewood’s current product line is a smartly curated selection of home goods, and we anticipate the young company will continue to inspire and delight with new designs. You can find Edgewood online and on Facebook.

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