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E13 Workshop

Cincinnati, Ohio

E13 Workshop is a Cincinnati, Ohio based designer and manufacturer of furniture and consumer goods. The workshop’s founding members: Joseph Kinzelman, Ryan Ball and Travis Hope, met while studying at the University of Cincinnati’s architecture program. As one could imagine, the creative process E13 follows is more closely aligned to architecture than other design fields. A day bag for example, is approached from a holistic viewpoint without preconceived notions of form or size. As a result of this outlook, E13’s day bag is a highly functional product that diverges from the traditional form factor in a thoughtful and appropriate fashion.

E13 has probably best described their process on their website:

“E13 is engaged in a design process driven by the act of making. Everything we design we make, and by physically engaging and understanding the material we gain an intimacy and knowledge of it. This understanding is used to craft the inherent beauty and utility of a material into an object. We use beautiful materials to create useful objects that will better with time. We do this because we love designing, making, and using these objects.”

E13 Workshop currently offers a day bag, vertical duffle, ply desk, and walnut tea table. It seems to us that these talented young designers are just getting underway. To view the workshop’s current offerings and future updates please visit

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