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Dialog Studio

Founded in 2010, Dialog Studio specializes in creating brand experiences for some of the most recognized companies in the world (heard of Apple?).  The firm is headquarted in one of our favorite cities of the American South (Austin, TX) and deals with strategy and planning, UX/visual design, and development for web and mobile interfaces.  In keeping with the city’s motto, “Keep Austin Weird”, Dialog has been producing unique and forward collateral that is both beautiful and functional.

One project in particular that is near and dear to our editors’ hearts is their rollout for Mellow Johnny’s, Lance Armstrong’s bike shop in downtown Austin.  Armstrong has an incredibly strong brand of his own in the LiveStrong Foundation, and elements of the foundation are evident in the branding for Mellow Johnny’s.  Apart from his signature yellow and black, the bike shop has a design language that is as bold as is it appropriate.  According to Dialog:

“We designed an engaging website that gives users the experience of visiting the shop by using large environment and product photography. Picking up on cues from the retail environment, we created a design language that is bold and striking and is fully integrated into the Mellow Johnny’s brand. 

Because Mellow Johnny’s is a community-driven bike shop with the philosophy of converting people to a bike life, it was essential that we encourage community by giving users easy access to events, rides, services, and products. With a continuously full calendar of events, and a sleek, intuitive product browsing experience, Mellow Johnny’s has given cyclists a wealth of resources and community support.”

Dialog also has a slew of confidential collateral for the likes of Apple, Ipecac Studios, JiffyLube, Whole Foods, State Farm Insurance, and Dell — while they cannot legally divulge this creative work, we can only assume the work in on par with the remainder of their portfolio (aka excellent).  For more of Dialog’s work, please visit their website,  Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles.




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