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London, UK

Dare is an international creative agency that is modeled for the digital world. With offices in Vancouver, New York, Toronto and London, this agency firmly believes that a multi-location, multidisciplinary approach is the best way to achieve success in the current creative landscape. The agency brings together the best possible designers, creative teams, copywriters and technologists to create work that “inspires emotion and action.” According to Dare, “brand building for the digital age” is about delivering work that you can be proud of, that has purpose, and can’t be ignored.

Dare has been extremely successful in the creative space. In the past two years the agency has received over 95 international, national and local awards. In 2010, Dare was named IPA Effectiveness Company of the Year in the UK, and the agency was also named Campaign Magazine Digital Agency of the Decade. This success can be attributed to Dare’s flexible creative development process, which the agency calls ‘free-range creativity’. The Dare leadership also deserves recognition for steering the company toward its current path. At the helm are John Hall, Sandy Fleischer, Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman, Richard J. Hadden, Angele Beausoleil, Tara Steinberg and Jonathan Longworth.

Working out of it’s London headquarters, Dare has established a strong presence in North America, with 80 personnel in its three current offices and a proposed branch slated for Los Angeles. Fittingly, Dare produced noteworthy creative product for two stalwarts of the North American economy: McDonald’s and Gap Inc. For McDonald’s, Dare orchestrated a free coffee trial which drove masses into McDonald’s across Canada for a taste. For Gap, Dare used social media channels and blogger influence to “educate current Gap shoppers, the Vancouver community and influencers about Sprize,” a pilot reward’s program tested in the Vancouver market. When curious shoppers ventured to their local Gap they quickly realized Dare had literally turned Gap stores on their head.

To see some of the other exciting projects that Dare has completed visit thisisdare.com. You can also connect with this digitally-savvy agency on Facebook and Twitter.

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