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Daniel Blackman

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Daniel Blackman’s portfolio is overflowing with refreshing, contemporary design. One of the finer aspects of his website is the inclusion of work from his undergraduate portfolio. You really get a sense for how Blackman has developed as a designer. If you are a process junkie, and we will assume at least a few of you out there are, then you will enjoy Blackman’s behind-the-scenes presentation of his work.  For one of the earliest projects on his portfolio, Paper City, Blackman provides a view of the work prior to assembly and after completion.

Blackman studied at the Ringling College of Art and Design and received his BFA in Graphic and Interactive Communication. He has worked for VSA Partners, Fwis, Sapient, Tribal DDB, and currently hangs his hat at 160over90. Blackman has worked for clients as large as Corbis, Nike, Caterpillar, and MTV in a relatively brief professional career; he graduated in 2008.

Blackman’s success can be attributed to his skill as a designer.  He is a talented individual with a unique view of the world. The poster Blackman created for his Senior Class Show clearly demonstrates his abilities. In the poster Blackman perfectly captures the experience of undergraduate study by presenting a team working together on a project. At the same time, he demonstrates the skills that were developed during his undergraduate study by using a great color palette and an engaging layout.

More recently, Blackman’s work for Bikers Band combined an excellent identity with a quirky set of infographics to demonstrate the flexibility, no pun intended, of a new product.

Daniel Blackman can be found online at his website and he also has a photostream on Flickr.

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