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Dan Mumford

London, England

Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator from London whose detailed illustrations have graced many album covers and rockers’ backs.  While currently working out of Studio100 in central London, Dan has his hand in many different pies, so to speak.  In addition to his various freelance works, Mr. Mumford also designs and produces his own label of clothing at MumfordClothing.com

Dan’s work is fantastically detailed with brilliant flashes of colors, typically rendered in a semi-apocalyptic style (our words, not his!).  His style lends itself well to his primary clientele, which features a large contingent of metal/hardcore bands including those under the Rise Records label.  One of our personal favorites would be his work for his friend, Francesca — he has embodied the spirit of his friend in his trademark style, with amazing detail in her beautiful mess of hair.  The work was hand drawn and screenprinted in a gradient, which brings us to our next point…Dan’s screenprinter, White Duck, is among the best in the business.  Dan’s incredible work is rendered in nearly-perfect detail!

As always, you can find more of Mr. Mumford’s work and musings on his personal websiteTwitter account, and Facebook pages.  If you like what you see, Dan has some swag available for purchase through his online label, Mumford Clothing .  As we’ve touched on various times throughout the past weeks, we are in the process of a site redesign and hope to bring you a more functional and infinitely sexier site in the coming week(s)!





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