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Couto Brothers

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Today’s Featured Face is actually a duo of plural faces: the Couto Brothers, Alexandre and Chris!

Not much is known about the designers’ background(s), but some intense forensic research would lead us to believe that the brothers hail from the borough of Brooklyn, NY but are currently stationed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin…or maybe not?  While this information is purely speculative, Ballista Magazine CAN offer some concrete knowledge: the brothers are on another level.   According to their website, the brothers’ collaborative venture is “the culmination of the creative energies of two distinctly different individuals who share not only common blood, but a common drive for artistic exploration and excellence”.  The yin to the other’s yang, the Couto duo fuses their individual styles into collateral that is at once eclectic and harmonious.

The brothers are also excellent in two very different styles, as evidenced by the contrast of their Kaleidoscope and Liquid Blends categories.  One on hand, the Kaleidoscope portfolio “fuses colors and shapes into forms, often narrating history and culture”; on the other, the Liquid Blends category is a “brushless array of color flowing through harmony and rhythm”.  The Coutos have the ability to be technically sound with their artwork and are cavalier enough to not be bound by it.

For more of the Couto Brothers’ work, please visit their website and/or blog.  The brothers can also be found on Facebook and Twitter under the tag @Couto_Bros.  We’ll be back here same time tomorrow, so make sure to stop back by!

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